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Review Procedures

All materials should be prepared in strict accordance with requirements. The Editorial Board sends all submitted articles for review. The journal follows the single blind peer-review procedure for all manuscripts received. The Editorial Board is entitled to reject articles without review if those are prepared improperly or do not correspond to the subject area of the journal.

The Editorial Board makes a decision about the publication based on the reviewers' expert judgments taking into account the correspondence of the contributed materials with the thematic scope of the journal, its scientific importance and topicality. In the case of rejection of the article, the author receives a reasoned refusal together with reviews. The Editorial Board does not enter into further discussions.

If a manuscript needs revision, it is sent to the authors with the reports of the reviewer and the science editor. The authors should close out all review and edition comments and reply to all remarks. If the authors do not agree with the reviewer or the editor, they should state their opinion briefly and clearly. After revision the article is sent for the review again. Then the Editorial Board makes a decision about the possibility of publication.

The article sent for revision should be returned to the editors within 30 calendar days. In this case, the first date of receipt is retained. Otherwise, the paper will have a new date of receipt.

If the article is accepted, the author will receive the article in pdf format by e-mail to examine the printer’s proof. If authors have noticed any misprints or inaccuracies in it, they should send to editors a detailed list of necessary corrections. If there is no response from the authors, the article cannot be published. It will stay in editor’s hand until receiving the authors’ response.