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Rules For Authors

Submitting a Manuscript: Submissions to Izvestiya Instituta Matematiki i Informatiki Udmurtskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta (Izvestiya) must be in electronic form. Hard-copy submissions will not be considered. Authors should submit manuscripts in PDF format and a cover letter to the email or The publishing agreement should be filled in, scanned and attached. The publishing agreement will be valid only if the article is accepted for publication.

Language of papers: Russian or English.

TeX papers: Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to submit their TeX files to Izvestiya for typesetting. Izvestiya cannot accept electronic files for papers produced on any other typesetting or word processing system. Authors should prepare papers using LaTeX macros for Izvestiya.

Samples of articles (TeX, PDF), illustrations and style files are in the macros. Article typesetting rules are in the sample file, and in the comments in this file.

LaTeX Macros for Izvestiya: imi-udgu-english-2020 (all files)

Illustrations: All illustrations must be of professional quality with no handwritten elements. Illustrations must be numbered consecutively and cited in the text. If your article is accepted for publication, Izvestiya will accept electronic (PostScript, TeX) figure files. Hand-drawn artwork will not be accepted. Izvestiya will not redraw figures. When choosing line weight and character size, keep in mind that illustrations may be reduced.

Title: Titles should be brief and appropriate for indexing and should specifically describe the content of the paper.

Abstract: An abstract not exceeding 250 words that summarizes the principal techniques and conclusions of the manuscript in relation to known results must accompany each manuscript. Because the abstract must be able to stand independently, mathematical formulas and bibliographic references should be kept to a minimum; bibliographic references must be written out in full (not given by number).

Key words and subject classifications: Lists of key words and UDC and AMS subject classifications must accompany all articles.

References: References should be listed in either alphabetical order or order of citation at the end of the manuscript. The following reference styles should be used:

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  2. Shen Z. The periodic Schrödinger operators with potentials in the Morrey class, J. Funct. Anal., 2002, vol. 193, issue 2, pp. 314-345.
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  • Books:
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  2. Kwakernaak H., Sivan R. Linear optimal control systems, New York–London–Sydney: Wiley-Interscience, 1972.

Page limit policies: Izvestiya has a page limit policy of 16 pages for Regular Papers. This limit may be exceeded for Review Papers.

Journal Publishing Agreement